Is Your Hotel Website Inspiring Guests to Book?

May 16, 2019

Digital Marketing

We live in a highly digitalised world. Now, customers aren’t just looking for online solutions when it comes to retail. Instead, many opt for direct booking through a hotel website rather than calling the hotel up or visiting it. This is why you need a hotel website for your business.

However, merely having a website is not enough. Instead, you must strive to have an excellent website. Why is this important? Well, your online presence is an integral part of your overall hotel marketing strategy. Your brand identity isn’t just limited to communications. Instead, people judge your hotel on the basis of its online appearance as well. This can further ensure their conversion. Attracting direct bookings through your website can allow you to gain profits and customers like no other.

Do you think your direct booking website is up to the mark? Is it good enough to attract users and convert them? Here are some key characteristics your hotel website needs.

A mobile-friendly website

77 percent of adults in the world own a smartphone. And 72 percent of people prefer having mobile-friendly websites. Over 60 percent of all internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Unless your hotel website has a mobile-responsive design, you are bound to lose out on a significant chunk of customers. Make sure that your website is adaptable to tablets, browsers and mobiles to gain maximum reach.

Quality photos

32 percent of marketers are of the view that quality photos are an important part of marketing. This is also true for hotel marketing. After all, you need to prove to your customers why your hotel is the best sanctuary for them. And nothing can prove it than by showing them exactly what your hotel encompasses.

Hire a professional photographer for the job to guarantee that the right image goes across to your customers.

Mention nearby attractions

People don’t just want a hotel. They want an experience. Even if you have a breath-taking hotel, it won’t boil down to much if it is too far from all the attractions and point of interests. Therefore, to attract customers to your hotel, make sure to mention (or show through pictures), all the nearby attractions and points of interest. Paint a pictorial image of what they are in for, if they choose to book a room in your hotel.

Include testimonials

People are skeptical to believe in brand communications nowadays. They give much more weight to other customers telling them about their experience. To control their impression of you, include testimonials from your customers. Make sure to include them from third-party sites like Google,, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, etc. This gives authenticity to your reviews.

A smooth booking experience

At the end of the day, your website must fulfill its basic purpose. And that is facilitating customers towards direct bookings. Make sure that the interface of your website allows for a smooth experience, both on phones and desktop. Make the direct booking system as seamless and simple as possible. If you include a direct booking discount compared to conventional methods, it might further tempt customers to use the avenue.


Your hotel website is a crucial aspect of your hotel marketing strategy. In a world where competition is intense in the hotel industry, stand out from the masses by having an excellent hotel website.