5 Online Travel Websites Your Hotel Must Be On

May 01, 2019

Digital Marketing

As the world is moving towards digital platforms, one industry that has benefited due to it is the traveling sector. Now, online travel agency (OTA) websites are a significant part of the industry. Digital travel sales account for 564.87 billion dollars globally. Such sites are likely to grow at a whopping rate of 10 percent.

However, there have been a few backlashes recently. Dick Smith openly called out OTAs for “exploiting motel owners by charging a lot for referrals.” There has also been a call to ban price parity that persists between large OTAs and motels since it is thought to drive customers to unregulated accommodation providers.

Despite the flaws in the system, OTAs continue to be an excellent tool for all those who don’t have enough resources to invest in a strong digital marketing campaign. To reach your target audience, here are some of the OTAs you must be present on.

1. is one of the biggest OTAs that are operating in the world currently. It is just one of the various companies that fall under the umbrella of Booking Holdings Company. It offers a wide range of hotel distribution for customers. It connects travelers to one of the largest portfolios of potential hotels to stay in. This includes vacation homes, apartments, B&Bs, and resorts, etc. The app offered by the company is as extensive as it can get. It has over 28 million listings in over 229 countries worldwide. The app also supports over 43 languages. 1.5 million room nights are booked every 24 hours. Unless your hotel is on the platform, you are missing out.

Founded: 1996

Monthly visitor: 427.19M

2. Airbnb

The chances are that you must have heard of Airbnb. This platform delivered a revolutionary model and is said to be one of the most fastest growing OTAs in the world. Compared to other OTAs that charge a commission of 15 percent, Airbnb only charges 3 percent. This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses. There are over 5300000 listings in more than 65000 cities of a total of 191 countries. Due to its community-based testimonial system, your business is likely to benefit by being on it.

Founded: 2008

Monthly visitor: 84.72M

3. Expedia Wotif. HomeAway. Travelocity. Trivago. If you have heard of these brands or used them, then you have used Expedia as well. This is because each of them is part of Expedia. Recently, the platform abolished its rate parity clause. This now gives power to its partners to promote their companies independently through promotions and discounts. This was something that was previously not allowed. The platform has a presence in over 70 countries with over one million listings. In 2018, the platform made 99.7 billion dollars in gross bookings with over 352 million room nights.

Founded: 2005

Monthly visitor: 63.86M

4. Agoda

Agoda is also a part of the Booking Holdings Company. It has over 2 million hotels and accommodations listed in over 200 countries, with a specific focus on Asian countries. The platform supports over 17 languages to ensure ease of use for both customers and businesses. The website is backed by over 27 million real traveler reviews.

Founded: 2005

Monthly visitor: 49.79M

5. Ctrip

The chances are you haven’t heard of Ctrip. Unless you have been to China. While this is the biggest OTA in China, it is yet to leave a mark in other parts of the world. However, it is still present in 200 countries and features over a million listings. The commission fee may range from 10-25 percent.

Founded: 2000

Monthly visitor: 42.64M

Make sure that your hotel is present on each of these five crucial platforms. This will allow you to access the masses, thereby ensuring a steady stream of revenue for your business.